Monday, May 16, 2005

Everything I Ever Let Go Of Has Claw Marks On It

May, 2005

Dear Friends,

We are closing the curtain on the community arts project turned rock and roll band that has filled up our days for the last 5 years. The Stairs have purchased their coffin and it is being lined with the finest Finnish silk as we speak. 2/5ths of the band (Evan Sicuranza, Leeore Schnairsohn) are moving out of state to pursue graduate school and the rest of the band couldn’t be more supportive of their decisions. "On Sleep Lab", it seems, will be our last album.

There are unlikely peculiarities that could prevent the immediate dissolution of the band such as an eccentric billionaire with a magical tour bus following strict orders to take us on a year long jaunt around the states. Or if one of us suddenly sprouted wings. Also, if California floated off into the Pacific Ocean there’s a chance we would keep going too. So, you can put that in your hope chest if you’d like.

The fact that this is a completely amicable split leaves the door open for the possibility of subsequent Stairs albums. There will be little reason to use the word ‘reunion’ if it happens just as we have refrained from using the word ‘hiatus’ here. If we all end up back in the same state a few years down the line we’re certain that we’ll pick up where we left off. This has been nothing but fun for us (except for June 22, 2004 in Hartford, CT) and we’ve been repeatedly amazed by the reaction we’ve received from you wonderful people over the years. Thank you.

Sean Spada (keyboards) will be moving to New York City in September and playing out frequently on his own. Lastly, in the fall Ryan Walsh and Eric Meyer will be starting a band called Hallelujah The Hills in Boston, MA. Until that gets going all news will be posted on the Stairs site.

Don’t be sad! Wipe those tears! I assure you, this whole ordeal will be more birthday party than funeral. More velocity than exhaust. More anthem than dirge. See you soon.

Your Pals,
The Stairs