Wednesday, February 23, 2005

You Must Rise Up And Say No! (Just Don't Rise Up Too High For You Shall Float Right Off The Surface And Into Space)

With the help of the band's psychic we have learned of something very troubling on the horizon of America's future. The good news is that by 2010 the United States will have colonized the moon. The bad news is that due to a declining sense of ethical standards and the lack of laws extending their powers to the lunar landscape child labor crater camps will be many and thriving by the beginning of the next decade. This problem is imminent and real. The Stairs feel strongly that it is our duty to do something, anything, to pre-emptively combat these lunar strongholds of youth exploitation.

But what can we do? Afterall, we're only a band (but as you know, we're a very very very good band ["possibly the best" I think I heard one of you mutter and thank you for that indeed]). With further help from the band's psychic we have divined the chords, melodies, and lyrics for several protest songs of the future railing against these lunar child labor camps and their tyranical overlords.

We are in the process or rehearsing these songs and they will begin to make their way into our live show over the coming months. Perhaps, we will even record an EP of these songs. Our hope is that we can pre-emptively prevent this tragedy from occuring while refraining from changing the future so much that we end up not colonizing the moon (there are gonna be some killer movies made up there and some new confectionary treats come through on the deal too so, you know, we want to get in on that side of the coin).

In the future they will look back at the past and thank the lord that, we in the present, had the presence of mind to see the writing on the wall and put our moon boot down and say no to future lunar child labor crater camps.

Thank you for your support. Love, The Stairs.


Blogger Robin said...

Hey. Great page, also checked out your web page. Would love to see you guys live. See what you're all about.
I actually live in Dedham, and knew Eric at one point...he probably would never remember me...used to see him down at Churchill all the time.
Keep on rockin'!

April 22, 2005 at 10:05 AM  

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