Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Missed Connection

You: reconfiguring the chemical make-up of nitrogen. Long brown hair which turned into ropes and laces near the bottom. Eye patch with "Closed For Repairs" sticker on it (very cute!) Southern accent but only speaks French (I bet there's a story there!) Tattoo of a man in trouble on your right ankle. Reading a copy of "Let Us Praise Famous Men" with 4 more copies of the same book next you on the 66 bus. Traveling through time last night in Coolidge Corner at around 3:14 and 8:25. Putting nitrogen back the way it was. Invading my personal space at the Wendy's in Central Square. Left me a blank note in my MBTA Employee locker. Dancing, always fucking dancing. Making the radio play good music instead of shit. Stole my parking spot but gave me a french kiss before scaling the fence and escaping into the night. Bewitching me all night long on the craziest frigging D train you'd ever want to be on. Saw you bowling. Saw you painting your own pottery. Saw you color coding my wardrobe before vanishing into thin air with my own personal version of shyness. Listen, you, or you's me. You are ten times better than the sexy former Ms.Nevada who works at the Somerville Ground Round. You rock my world in a much larger way than the petite blonde playing eye-contact-rodeo with me on the Chinatown bus back from New York City. You load romantic ideas about the coffee shop girl with tear tattoos into a cannon and shoot them all the way to Rhode Island. I cannot get them back now. You have committed arson and burned down the house in which all the memories of my former girlfriends lived. You will not be arrested for this crime, my friend works for the Boston police deaprtment, plus the house only existed inside my head. I am on pause until you slow down for one moment and tell me your name. I have vague plans to break my own legs if I do not meet you before Christmas time. I am in Rapture and I'm using that in the old sense of the word. Come on, come out, come in.

If you need more details about who YOU are please write me.


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