Saturday, November 27, 2004

All Of The Older Albums - Yours For The Taking

{note: Jan 1 2005 - We've closed this down for now - it was a fun experiment and perhaps we'll do it again at some point. If one of the albums below especially intrigues you drop us a line and we'll work something out}


The Stairs are currently keeping a Soul Seek folder open and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week to let you download hundreds of new and old Stairs songs for free. Firstly, if you don't know SoulSeek, go here and find out: With this sharing program not only are you able to hear songs you normally couldn't find anywhere else but you'll also be able to leave us messages and even let us hear some of your music. It's all very exciting.

So once you've downloaded SoulSeek and have it up and running search for username 'Factorytim' and that's us. Browse our files, take what you'd like, leaves us a message, etc. If you cannot find our SS account or are having trouble browsing our files please email:

"We really do write and record hundreds of songs a year" said an unnamed member of The Stairs, "but we only get to release about one album a year. Since we're an independent band (read: broke) it's impossible to release more than that. But with SoulSeek we're able to do this. It's like cheating death, really, or at least giving him a really bad paper cut."

The officially released albums in The Stairs Discography are:

"Miraculous Happens"

"Chime Away"

The Motel Candlewasters "Hierarchy Of Hoaxes"

Everything thing else in the folder, whether it be The Stairs, The Motel Candlewasters, or The Ransome Brothers is not an official release in our discography. These other albums are collections of demos, outtakes, live shows, and collage pieces. While they may never be officially released we'd like you to be able to hear them if you'd like. Most folders also have a jpg. of the original artwork that you can print out for your copy's cover.

The Stairs Unreleased Collections/Albums

"Textbook & The Orange Outside" - An off kilter collage work loosely based on a group of people causing havok in each others' lives during the autumn of 1986. Assembled in 2002 but makes use of material dating back to 1984.

"The Fantastic Inventions Are Buried In The Basement" - A collection of pop and lo-fi folk songs. Features: "Keep This House Happy", "Little Spells", and the song from which the "Chime Away EP" got its title.

"Sweethearts, Darlings, & Famous War Generals" - This is an eleven song collection. Its comprised of bare bone acoustic songs all dealing with the subject matter of girls and wars. Includes "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men", "Moon Song #5", and "Jellyfish Tequila."

"Recorded At Gunpoint" - Demo collection recorded in the winter of 2003. Includes many songs being played in the current live set that have yet to be properly recorded. Includes the much sought after "We're So Underground We're Practically In Japan."

"Here Comes Treble" - Demo collection recorded in Fall 2003. The band bass guitar was in the shop thus the title and the overall sound of this album. Includes, "Absolutely Fucked In Every Possible Way", "The Psychic's Wrong Again", and "It's All Been Downhill Since The Talkies Started To Sing."

"The Unnatural Bridge" - A cover album of The Silver Jews "The Natural Bridge." We got a lot of requests from people looking for this cd, and since we don't sell it, putting it on soulseek is a good solution. D.C. Berman on the album: "Hearing your version of the Natural Bridge was a revelation for me." The original is better, of course, and you really should hear it if you haven't yet.

Ryan Walsh "K Is For Code" - A demo collection from Winter 2002.

"Live Radio Show - Washington, D.C. Summer '04" - This is a live performance on college radio show. The first half is good and then things fall apart. This is a good listen for our detractors or people who like things that crumble.

The Motel Candlewasters "Hierarchy Of B-Sides" All the songs recorded for the Hierarchy Of Hoaxes album that didn't make the cut.

The Ransome Brothers - The Ransome Brothers are comprised of Rob Johanson (ex-Soltero, sometimes Stairs member/collaborator) and Tom Hummel (ex-Soltero) recorded songs in a genre that might be described as traditional folk collides with lo-fi pop.

"The Waning EP"

"We Will Rise EP"

"Cartography LP "

"The Dens Of Our Fathers EP"

The Stairs Present....

"The Complete Recordings Of Dust Johnson" - We don't want to say too much about this. Take a listen and you'll see what we mean. It's "the musical recovery of the year!" according to Ed Morneau.

October 2004


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